Meet Brandie, a personal style blogger and the editor of Lashes and Stilettos. She resides in the Greater Washington DC area (Maryland to be exact) and has always had a passion for fashion.Without having any knowledge of how to do so, Brandie created Lashes and Stilettos in 2012, as a way to chronicle her fashion diary. Unbeknownst to her, her blog would make waves on social media and put her and her hometown (The DMV) on the "plus size fashion blogger" map.  As a mom of three, a master hair stylist, and makeup artist, her passion for helping women see their inner beauty transcends onto her blog.

Brandie's style can be described as classy and causal, with a touch of whimsy and glam. She believes that no outfit is complete without a pair high heel and long lashes. She loves to stand out amongst the crowd and knows that the best accessory any women can wear is confidence. That is something that she wish to convey to the readers. No matter what size you are, you can always be confident and well dressed.

Brandie is an honest individual who has an opinion and is not afraid to share it. She walks in her true identity and doesn't apologize for doing so. Her ultimate goal is to encourage women to embrace their true unique self without justification. Through her blog, Brandie wants to help others hone in on developing their own personal style. With a new YouTube channel and new segments coming to the blog, Brandie is the one to watch.

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