Dec 19, 2014

Faux Vs. Fo Real

 So, once upon a time, your favorite retailers used to sale genuine leather pieces. I'm not really sure why pleather has taken over. I guess one could assume it's because of the price. But hell, some brands want you to pay the hundreds of dollars for plastic. Faux is becoming just as expensive as the real deal and I'm not here for it. I love me some genuine cow! I love REAL leathers and suedes! I adore the look of it, the feel of it, and especially the smell of it. There is nothing like the rich smell of buttery leather! It's kind of dishearten to be forced to buy faux. At least give me the option! Now, it's not all bad (as far as faux leather goes) but lets be real, there is no way that faux will ever compare to the fo real.

I'm not a huge fan of pleather but I have a few pieces in my closet. However, I needs my boots and booties to be made with real cow! When finding the perfect wide width/wide calf boot, genuine leather is always a better. It has a "give" that synthetic material doesn't. Depending on the width of your wide calf, a little investment goes a long way. If you spend a little more money, you can probably find a tall fashionable boot to fit your calf. Now, the word of distinction was "fashionable". If you're into the rider style, I'm pretty sure you don't have any trouble finding cute boots. Personally, I'm over that style. I dream for the day when I'll own a badd, peep toe, over the knee, stiletto boot, to fit my big wide feet and calfs. But until then, I'll keep stocking my boot collection with investment pieces. I am working on my collection black boots in every style.

I have been on the hunt for a classic pair of tall leather boots with a chunky heel. I finally found a pair that I love at These are definitely my "everyday" shoes. They are super comfortable and they pair well with everything. These boots will never go out of style. (I'd thought about buying two pairs so that I'd have a fresh pair to wear years from now. But I didn't do it. I now wish I did.) I decided to pair them with my faux leather skirt and classic white turtleneck for a cute, casual look. This skirt is the perfect faux for me. Not too shinny and it's not fitted. It doesn't look cheap and the fabric is the right thickness. The pleated detail is so on trend and it's the perfect style for my body type. A statement necklace and a matching clutch completed this look.

Faux is cool sometimes, but the real thing is always better.

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