May 11, 2014


After four years and two and a half children, I'm still not a fan of maternity clothes. Now, I will admit that I have dabbled in maternity fashion while pregnant with my first son. Only because I assumed that that's what I was suppose to do. If you think fashion is limited for plus size women, try being plus size and pregnant. The options for us are slim to none. Not to mention, the notion of buying an entirely new wardrobe to accommodate your growing belly is impractical. You only wear the stuff for about six months anyways. With all of the jersey and spandex around, it much easier to buy things that will grow and shrink with you. I think it's better to buy things that can be worn during pregnancy and thereafter.
That's why I am absolutely in love with the oversized dress. Tint dress, T-shirt dress, swing dress, trapeze dress... call it what you want. I love them. And the bigger the better! Pregnant or not, this style is versatile and great for Summer. Never mind the fact that they are shapeless and makes you look ten sizes bigger. You're a confident chick, so you better utilize your best accessory when indulging in this trend. Statement jewelry and an amazing shoe will turn a tint dress from blah to chic. Unfortunately for me, my cankles are on a thousand these days so I couldn't wear the shoe that was intended for this ensemble. I can't be walking around looking like Kim K at the feet! Lol. Just know that they are some badd shoes! (that will probably get some play once I have the baby.) As for now, my gold gladiators will probably be my go to heels for the summer.
I wore this fit for Mother's Day and got so many complements on my look. Even though my baby daddy gave me the side eye (out of complete confusion lol), I felt really good in this dress. I can see myself remixing this dress ten times over. I know I will love it even more once I drop this baby and this baby weight.
Sidebar: This dress is from ASOS Curves. Currently, I am a size US 18. I purchased my dress in a size US 22. I wanted it to fit really big and cover any silhouette that may try to peek through. I know that the oversized trend is a little hard to execute when you have a pear/triangle shape. Sometimes the garments just don't drape off of the body the way they're suppose to. For me, it helps to order things two sizes bigger just so that I can get my desired "draperage".

Outfit Details
Dress: ASOS Curves
Necklace: Ashley Stewart
Shoes: Now on sale Payless Shoes



  1. I AGREE!!! Plus size and pregnant is fashionably broken! Hopefully they will consider the sexier side of us Plus size girls being preggers...when hell freezes over! LOL! But Honey you look cute preggers and congratulations and have a wonderful pregnancy!!!! Yes to the dress!!! Comfort is key.

  2. I promise you that I've been writing a similar post on my blog for the last 3 weeks, but I'm having a hard time finding a solution. I may end up making a few items instead of purchasing clothes this time around. Plus size maternity sucks. . . badly. I'll tell you how it goes.


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