May 5, 2014

Date Night Kimono

Hey everyone! Feliz Cinco de Mayo! I hope you all are enjoying this weather as much as I am. I'm really loving Spring 2014!

Between the salon, my children, and expecting a baby, I have had so little time and energy. With free time being limited, one would think that I'd be eager to get out of the house when I'm presented with a "break". However, these days I'd rather elevate my cankles while napping in my favorite chair. This baby is kicking my butt! After several weeks of being home on a Saturday night, my boyfriend had finally had enough. He made me get off of the couch and partake in a much needed date night. I have been doing a lot of shopping lately so I knew just what I wanted to wear.

Like everyone else, I am loving the kimono trend. It's a great way to add some oomph to an otherwise simple look. They are also great options for a swimsuit cover up. I think I have went kimono crazy buying over ten of them and I don't think I'm done. This will definitely be my look for Spring and Summer. I decided to wear this ASOS Curve kimono because the fabric is a little thicker and it offered coverage and warmth. The weather was mild and breezy. While I may not have needed a jacket, I wanted to cover my arms without "looking hot". I paired it with royal blue jeggings and a laced trimmed camisole. I finished the look with gold gladiator sandals. I love this look! Simple. Comfy. Chic.

*Pregnancy update*
I am 26 weeks along and I am expecting a girl! Yaaay! Everything is going well. I am considered "high risk" because of my weight but baby and I are perfectly healthy. No morning sickness. No complications. And no hospital visits (thank God!). There isn't really much to tell. This has been an easy pregnancy so far.  I'm just impatiently waiting for her to make a debut.

Outfit Details
Kimono: ASOS Curves (Similar here)
Camisole/Jeggings: Dots Fashion (No longer in business. Similar jeggings here)
Gladiator sandals: Payless Shoes


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