May 26, 2014

Comfort + Pastels

Light and airy is the epitome of comfort and that's how I feel when I'm adorned in beautiful pastels. I'm getting closer to my due date so comfort is a must! If I don't (literally) feel good in my clothes, I won't wear it. In my opinion, there is a fine line between comfort and frumpy. While pregnant, I walk that line a lot more than I'd like. But I'd like to think that I have an excuse lol. I mean, I could put on fabulous outfits/high heels and pretend to be comfortable. But I'd rather not waste my time. You just can't fake comfort. How many times have you seen someone wearing an amazing pair of heels and you knew (just by looking) they were completely out of their element? Pretending to be cute, when you knew they where in all kinds of pain... just plain awkward! Yea, that won't be me. So, comfort it is.

At this point, I can't do clingy. I can't do tight. I can't do real bras (T.M.I?), and I'm this close to buying a pack of size 14 underwear from Walmart! LOL. I don't even want my under garments fitted on me. Parachute panties are completely expectable right now. See, when you know your limitations, its easy to fix your issues lol. That's why pastels, elastic, jersey, lycra, and a beat face will be my best friends this summer.

Here is what I wore to church yesterday. I wanted to add a little "Sunday's best" glam to my very simple outfit. Adding a light weight kimono in floral/pale pink, a bold statement necklace, and a nude slingback sandal did the trick. Get into this look!

Outfit Details
Top: Rainbow
Kimono/Shorts: ASOS Curve
Necklace: Ashley Stewart
Shoes: Jessica Simpson (old)



  1. you look so cute..!! girl being pregnant fits you well..! I think that light clothing will always be best for the summer no matter what trust me, no baby over here and I'm like dang its HOT need lighter clothes..!!

  2. You look SO cute, and I just love this outfit. WERK!


  3. Lovely post! Nice kimono,
    Such a beautiful outfit!)
    I`ll be happy if we follow to each other!Just let me know in my blog :)

  4. Hi, first I would like to stay off by saying you make pregnancy look fabulous! Secondly did you purchase the Kimono from Your's Truly? If so what size did you purchase? I would like to purchase one as well. I would like for mine to fit loosely but I'm not sure what size to purchase.


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