Nov 20, 2013

Jet White

Let me tell you how good God is. In my last post I was explaining how I used my phone to take my blog photos, and that I was in need of a new camera. Fast forward two weeks later.. These (here) blog photos were taken with my brand new DSLR camera! I'm so happy to have been blessed with such an awesome gift! It has given me a new found motivation to continue with my blog. Now that I'm back in busness, you all can expect more OOTDs and a YouTube channel! But FIRST, I have to learn this new device lol.

Now, lets get into this OOTN. I wore this to a semi formal birthday party last Saturday. Prior to the party, I was stressing about having nothing to wear. I started looking for a new dress, but I truly did not want to purchase anything. I'm so against buying new clothes while trying to lose weight. I don't know about you, but I can't afford to buy things JUST BECAUSE. If I choose to buy clothes/shoes, it's because I absolutely love them. I would not be able to deal if I'd bought something that I love, just for it to be too big four months from now. So you could imagine my glee when I found this LBD and fabulous white coat in the back of my closet. SHE WON!

I bought this dress about three years ago and it was way too small then. I stuck it in the back of my closet and never looked back. This and other cocktail dresses were posted to Shop LS. However, no one has bought anything and I completely forgot about them. Now that I am able to fit those dresses, I will be taking them off of the site and keeping them for myself. Hey, the holidays are here and I can put them joints to good use. Please feel free to take a look at he site. If you see anything you like, jump on it because everything will be coming down very soon.

When wearing formal/semi formal attire, the outerwear is just as important as the ensemble. You can't have on a Marilyn Monroe dress with a lumberjack coat! It just don't work like that y'all! So PLEASE come correct at all times. I have tons of formal outerwear but this coat spoke to me. Everybody knows that the ol' girl loves black and white. But I absolutely love winter white! I am a sucker for white outerwear. I have a leather jacket, blazers and this here peplum coat (that I completely forgot about). It went perfectly with my LBD. And it doesn't hurt that both pieces still had the tags attached to them. Even though I was wearing "new",  I'm so glad that I didn't have to buy anything new.

 photo 7b33b269-71ad-41e6-9cba-e55755e58b05_zpsf2c432c2.jpg
Outfit Details
Dress and Coat: Torrid (3 seasons ago)
Shoes: Red Kiss Kouture
Clutch: Dots Fashion



  1. A DSLR will change your life, right?! I love when I "rediscover" all the clothes I have forgotten about. You look great...

  2. A new camera will change your LIFE! So happy for you. Also happy that I am finally following you on here. You look great and I love the dress and your HAIR! Feel free to link this look up on my latest post. XO!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!



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