Oct 6, 2013

Rich Hipster

*YO! It's 90 degrees in October!! Like, what gives?*

Yesterday was my first official DMV meet and greet. Myself, along with Tori (@Kocoapearls on Instagram) hosted the happy hour event. It was a nice turn out! I was blessed to meet some pretty cool chicks. Bloggers, vloggers, influential Instagramers and fashion lovers came together for the greater good.  Food, drinks, laughter, and kitchen table talk. If you missed it, then you've missed a lot! We had too much fun. I had way too much fun! (But that's a different story for a different day. DON'T ASK! lol)

My outfit choice was pretty simple. I wanted to be in chill mode but I also wanted to stay true to myself. With this new hair, I feel like I have channeled my inner cool kid. Lately, my outfit choices have been very laid back. Thanks to Chrisette Michele, I now refer to this style of dress as "Rich Hipster". Cool, chill, chic. Effortless. I pulled my shredded jeans and jailbreak tunic. These are currently my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. Not sure why I decided to put them together, but it worked! I really like this look! I added a star printed scarf just to give this fit a pop of "Brandie" and finished the look with flat nude sandals. Cute, comfy, and chic! It don't get no betta!

Outfit Details
Top/Clutch: Ashley Stewart
Jeans: Thrifted/DIY
Scarf: Local Beauty Supply
Sandals: Payless



  1. You took the best pictures! But as always your an inspiration hun! Very nice meeting you

    1. Thank you girl! It was a pleasure meeting you as well!

  2. You all look amazing. I love how you mixed prints. Maybe one day I will actually pay attention and make a meet & greet. Would love to meet the fashionable DMV divas.

  3. I absolutely love your new hairstyle and this look definitely is effortless chic. You are serving GooGoo and Chrisette Michelle realness!

  4. Gahhh You look so dope, so made I missed the Meet and Greet, but happy to see you all had a good time.

  5. Very beautiful photos :))

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