Jul 3, 2013

Wildcard Wednesdays: Former Fatties

Hey guys! I have decided to start a segment of the blog called Wildcard Wednesday. Where I will pretty much vent my opinions on any topic that may be weighing on my mind. I do this sometimes on Instagram and Facebook but I can be a little long winded when it comes to voicing my opinions. So I felt that the appropriate thing to do was to have the discussion right here on the blog. Please feel free to chime in, agree or disagree.
Today's topic is something that has been on my mind for a long time. It's Former Fatties.
Now, we all love a good transformation story. They can be very inspirational! Not only in weight loss, but in life. Basically, the human body is miraculous. We can do or obtain anything we put our minds to. I don't know about you, but that's good new. Seeing someone do (what seems to be) the impossible, lets us see that we too can do the impossible. Many of you know that I have embarked on my own weight loss journey. While I am not where I want to be, I still feel the need to encourage. Partly because you all ask about my progress. And the other reason is, we always see the before and after but we very seldom witness the "during", the struggle, the setbacks, the bad days, and the "fall offs". I'm human and I'm flawed. No one's perfect! And I share all of that with you guys. Just like some look to me for inspiration, I look to people as well. I love social media, in the way that we can connect, share, and encourage each other. I witness people reaching goals, becoming more confident, and being extremely helpful with tips and recipes. What I hate to see are the people who reach their goal and all of a sudden becomes some, weight loss superhero! These folks are what I call Former Fatties.
You've seen him/her (I'm talking about "her" though). They have lost a lot of weight and now they are a qualified physician, certified nutritionist, personal trainer, wardrobe stylist (to current fatties), motivational speakers and the "health police". All I have to say is "WHO THE HELL ASKED YOU?!" I've seen numerous post from former fatties that goes a little something like this. "It's ok be fat and love yourself, but it more important to be healthy." Or "It's ok to be confident but big girls should not be dressing like that." Gurla, just last year, you were tryna "be" that girl that you talk so much about. You've tried being a confident big girl, it didn't work out for you. You went from a size 24 to a size 10, and STILL don't feel comfortable "showing your knees or arms".  Don't take your insecurities out on others.
Everyone's choice to lose weight is different but to assume someone is unhealthy because of their size is just shear ignorance. It's not news that being overweight comes with health risk, but not everyone has high blood pressure or diabetes. And if they do, MIND YO BIDNESS! You don't know people's story and you don't know where they've been. I've seen comments on the web about a particular plus blogger saying, "she's VERY unhealthy, she's gunna die if she don't change, she probably have diabetes.." all kinds of nonsense... and the commenters not knowing that she is actually just lost 80 pounds. I mean, how would they have know? They were just being asses! Assuming. Eighty pounds is a significant amount of weight and if she has any ailments, I'm sure that they are under control now (or at least on the way to being so).
I give kudos to those that reach their weight loss goal because its not easy. If it was, we would all do it. I just feel like a former fatties know how it is. They know the struggle. They should be more inclined to encourage, not discourage. I mean, not all over weight people want to lose weight. And to put stipulations how someone should feel about ones self, is a huge sign of being insecure. Stop posting pictures of your former fat self and referring to them as "disgusting, nasty, ugly.." There are girls who follow you that look like that "before" photo. If you ask me, that's not motivation. And truth be told, you probably still feel that way about yourself, now that you've lost the weight. Sometimes, losing 100 pounds does NOT make you more confident, or promote self acceptance. Please don't put down the fat girl who loves herself and has confidences. Loving yourself doesn't means that you don't want to change or "be healthy". Its just means that you except yourselves unconditionally, right where they are. And that's ok!
Here are a few definitions.
  • Love : An intense feeling of deep affection
  • Self-love: love of self/regard for one's own happiness or advantage
  • Confidence: a feeling or consciousness of one's powers or of reliance on one's circumstances

Did you read anything about health or weight? Oh, ok. I didn't either.



  1. I love this!!! Confidence is key at any size!!!

  2. and WHOOP there it is........couldn't have said it any better than this! Perfect just perfect and we all know "former fatties" who turn into "health guru's" when they lose a significant amount of weight. Love this.


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