Jul 1, 2013

Cruel Life

Here's to smaller waistlines, colder drinks, and longer nights! Summer 13' will defiantly be one to remember. Every summer has a story and this year will be no different. I made a vow to myself that I would live this Summer (and thereafter) to the fullest. I pledged to walk into my God given confidence and never question my reflection again. I will celebrate the things that I like about myself. Change the things that I can and except the things that I can not change. I will complain less and work harder. And have a ball doing so! This will defiantly be a cruel summer! Hell, this is the beginning of a cruel life!
My girls and I have a mandatory ladies night at least once a month. I have appropriately deemed our outing the "Get Cho Life" party. After the stresses of work, motherhood, weight loss, and just shear boredom, I ABSOLUTLY need to my life. And what better way to relax and release then with a bunch of cackling hens, girls talk, and cold cocktails?
Here is what I wore to our most recent "Get Cho Life" party. This color blocked ensemble was cute and playful. (Sidebar: I love that "the fashion people" have come up with the term "color blocking". Ever since I was a little girl, I hated matching. So much so that my grandmother used to call me Punky Bruster. I just feel like matching is so boring and so basic lol. Now, when folks look at me sideways for being "missed matched" I can say, "this is matching, it's called color blocking, GET INTO IT!") I have always been a lover of short shorts. When I came across these coral shorts from Dots Fashion, I had to have them. I paired my vibrant shorts with a jail braked print tunic from Ashley Stewart. I purchased the tunic 3 sizes larger to give me an oversized look. To break up the long clean line of the tunic, I added a thin belt to cinch the waste and bunch the fabric for a dramatic high-low affect. Now, if you follow me on Instagram, (@lashesandstilettos) then you know that I am obsessed with colorful head scarfs. You will probably be seeing a lot of that from me. I finished the look with cute accessories and added a (hot ass, now oversized) blazer. There was no way I was going to forfeit the blazer, it made the look. Luckily its not super hot in the DMV right now. But it was hot enough lol. The great thing about layering is, the option to  remove them. My favorite shoes and cream colored clutch were a must. I loved my look!
Blazer, Thrifted/Top, Ashley Stewart (here)/Shorts and clutch, Dots Fashion (similar)/Shoes, Amazon.com (here)


  1. Yasssss ma'am life was given you look fabulous !!

  2. love it so much......this has given me an idea!!


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