Jul 31, 2013

Casual Sophistication

Hello divas! I've missed you so! I hope all is well. Everything is FABULOUS on my end. I am enjoying my time away from social media although I may be back sooner than expected. As social networking is a crucial asset to promoting my salon. I have been busy praying, reading the Word, and spending time with my family. (Not that social media was preventing me from doing so, I felt that I was devoting too much time to it.) I must say, I am enjoying the love and prayers that I have been receiving from you beautiful ladies. Keep the emails coming lol. I've even had an old hater acknowledge me (yet again). HEY BOO! *waving*. But you know what they say, a hater is just a fan in disguise. Nevertheless, it feels amazing to know that you all are thinking of little ol' me! I love you guys! Like, I really do. And Hater, I will keep you in my prayers girl.

*Ladies, let me just say this. Love yourself for who you are! It's ok to stay in your lane as long as you are true to yourself. Find your niche and ROCK YOU! Stop worrying about the next! Stop comparing yourself to others. In doing so, you will always come up short. Watch your words and your actions. Ugly is, as ugly does. Let go and let God. Never let your insecurities rule your heart. If you don't like it (whatever "it" is) change it. If you can't change "it", learn to love "it". Love is the most powerful energy in the universe and all you have to do is USE IT! It takes too much energy to hate. Life is too short for that nonsense. Use your time on this Earth wisely.*

Now that I have said all that I needed to say, feast your eyes on this outfit! I am in love with this look. I told you guys that this is a "no Spanx" summer and I meant it! Over sized is alright with me! Who said that style and comfort was an oxymoron? The lies they tell! *in my most ratchet Tamar Braxton voice* I wore this to my client's wedding where I was styling and an attendee. In a formal/semi formal setting I would have usually worn a dress. I decided to go with a light weight pant instead. I wanted to do something out of my norm and this was a great way to incorporate separates into my wardrobe. I chose jersey peg pants and a sequin/mesh hologram top. Both from ASOS Curve. With such a busy top, I kept the accessories at a minimum. I finished the look with my favorite clutch and super comfy Jessica Simpson slingback pumps. The wedding was beautiful. My bride was stunning, and I wasn't too shabby myself. It was a good and blessed day!

Outfit Details
Top: ASOS Curve. Find it here
Pants: ASOS Curve. Now on sale. Find them here
Shoes: Jessica Simpson. Old
Clutch: Dots Fashion

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