Jul 15, 2013

Boyfriend Killer

I have searched high and low for the perfect pair of mom boyfriend jeans and I have had zero luck. I have tried on several pairs, from high end to thrifted and the fit was always wrong. Completely awkward and unflattering. They would be very tight in the hip and thigh. I could never achieve that slouchy relaxed fit. I've once went up to a size 26 jean (thinking that buying them in a larger size would give me the desired look) and still no luck. Once again, tight in the hip and thigh however, too much room in the waist. Eventually I gave up. I just assumed that because of my pear shape, there was no way that this trend would work for me.

Any who, lets get into this fit! On an impromptu thrift store run, I came across these jeans and had an "Aha" moment. "This will probably be the closet thing you get to a boyfriend jean, buy them." Upon getting them home, I realized that they were the ugliest jeans I've ever witnessed. These were the dreaded mom jeans. I knew that a DIY project was in order. Now when it comes to clothing, I'm not super confident in my DIY skills . I always feel like I'm destroying the garment oppose to enhancing it. Even though these jean were a hot ass mess and only cost me $3.95, I felt so much anxiety about "messing them up". The entire time I was working on them I was singing "R.I.P I just killed a jeans! R.I.P! R.I.P!" Yes, I have issues but neither hear nor there. All in all, I like the way they turned out. These will contribute nicely to me over sized obsession for summer. This will be a "no Spanx" summer for me! lol. I've paired the jeans with a slouchy animal print tee and a classic pointy toe pump. Slight arm candy and an envelope clutch finished my look. I wore this on a dinner date with my BFF. We just hung out at TGI Fridays and a few drinks. I assume my look was a hit since all eyelashes were on me. Maybe it was my big hair, maybe I had a booger but the shade was.... However, that's a different topic for a different day.
  photo 101e364d-d914-4b96-bd78-a7e77f9567f5_zps457e4873.jpg

Outfit Details
Top: Torrid. Find a similar top here
Jeans: Thrifted/DIY. Find a similar pair here
Shoes: Burlingtons. Find a similar pair here
Accessories: Ashley Stewart
 photo c52fccce-415d-4841-8201-74c4274e3013_zpsb31a0f5a.jpg

 photo 532f7748-4cca-437c-8f6d-0cf938345dd6_zps2ba9a082.jpg


  1. Oh yes the eyelashes were on you because they were probably mad!! This is plus size Beyonce/Rihanna realness with the hair and the jeans look amazing!! I also have the same problem these hips and all this booty makes it nearly impossible to find a boyfriend cut that works for me.

  2. lol Thanks! I'm still on the hunt for a great pair. Until then, I will be practicing my DIY skills.

  3. Loveeeee the look boo & that hair YES GAWD HUNTY!

  4. Great look, love your hair !!
    would you like to follow each other ?


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