May 19, 2013

Rethink Possible

Hola Fam! This post is inspired by the sermon that was preached in church. The sermon was about wanting more for God and the closing word was "Rethink Possible". As doing so will allow you to open yourself up to receive overflowing blessings from God. When I heard that word, I immediately thought about the emails from young girls and women who have expressed to me the lack of love and confidence that they have for themselves. To those beautiful ladies I say, rethink possible.

Plausible thinking is the key to a happy being. Therefor, if you can believe it, you can achieve it. I know it sounds elementary but that's probably some of the most profound advice that one can receive. 

Rethink the limitations that you have placed on your life. Rethink the idea that size dictates beauty. Rethink the standard in which you hold yourself. Rethink fashion "rules" and society's unwarranted opinions. Rethink never being happy until you reach your goal weight. Rethink Possible! It's possible to be fat and happy, not just in front of others but when you are all alone. It's possible to be confident in the skin your in and love your reflection. It's possible to follow your dreams, love yourself unconditionally, reach your weight loss goals, and walk in 6 inch heels. And yes, it's possible to show belly and thunder thighs and not give one f*#k! Lol

Top Lane Bryant/Cropped denim jacket and Peplum Skirt Ashley Stewart/Shoes




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