Apr 26, 2013

D-Day: Rue+

Hello divas! Unless you live under a rock, you have heard of Rue 107. They are an independent clothing line based out of New York. With body hugging dressed and lively bold prints, Rue 107 is NOT for the faint of hearts. You must be bold, fearless, edgy, and most importantly, confident to pull off such a look. So much so, that any diva seen in these fabulous designs is instantly known as a "Rue Girl".
Until today, they have only offered sizes up to an XL or 18. The material that is used in some (maybe all) of their garments is very stretchy with great control, making the line appealing to curvy divas larger than a size 18. I have one piece from the line (I have yet to wear), the Kodak Skirt and I was a size 22 when I purchased it. It's an awesome fit so I understandably vouch for why Rue 107 is a hit amongst plus women, all women. Not to mention, how good my curves looked in that skirt.
After much request to expand their line, they obliged! Not with a "plus size" addition to their line but instead, their signature pieces are now offered in plus sizes. I don't know about you, but that's HUGE! The same exact pieces from the straight line are the same exact pieces that will debut in plus sizes. That's unheard of these days. Very few designers/companies do this. I commend them for taking the time to listing to their customers.
Rue+ deputes April 26, 2013. Today! Are you a Rue Girl?

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