Mar 26, 2013

Step into Spring: Spring/Summer 2013 Shoe Trends

After seeing an (unnecessarily detailed) abundance of  Spring/Summer 13' fashion info, I have decided to compile a list of the top trends in footwear for Spring/Summer 2013. The reason why I say "unnecessarily detailed" is because we have seen the same exact warm weather fashions for the last 3 years. I would have rather seen the blogs/mags read, "Spring/Summer Fashion 13', same as last year."

Ugh with these fashions! I'm so over it! I'm over floral print! I HATE tribal print! Who cares about a body con and my black and white obsession was over before everyone else's even started. If you don't believe me, just (watch. WHOO! Sorry guys, I couldn't resist lol) go back a few post and you will see, I was on black and white ("monochrome" as the "fashionable" calls it.) overload! As a fatshionista I know first hand that we (plus size) are the last to get the trends. So while, it may be new to us, its outdated in straight sizes and on the runway. Personally, I could care less about being trendy. I despise looking like everyone else. I just wear what I like, "in style" or not. But one thing I can't deny is a bangin' shoe! No mater what size you are, you can always wear the hottest in footwear.

Here are the hottest styles for Spring/Summer 2013. This list is compiled of my favorite brands in footwear. They are just my personal preferences. I find that being heavier, I have to invest in my shoes for a better fit/comfort/durability. Use these styles as inspiration and find a shoe that fits your personal style/budget.

Heavy Metal

This is by far my favorite trend! I will definitely have a couple pairs of metallics in my closet. From a formal outing to dinner with the girls, this will be a summer staple for sure. I have seen metallics on the red carpet and all of the celebs are rocking this trend. This trend is a must have!

 Hot off the Press

Nine West Cadee $89.00

Steve Madden Larking $89.95
Printed shoes are a great way to add spice to simple outfit. Pair them with a bold solid-colored dress or a black and white outfit for a funky flair.

Cold blooded

Leeza Snake Wedges
Jessica Simpson Leeza Wedges $98.00

Calie Natural Snake Pumps
Jessica Simpson Calie Natural Snake Pumps $55.00
 Move over leopard! Reptile print is coming for your spot! This is the hottest animal print of the season.


 Strap it Up


Ok, I'm not going to lie. The strappy boot is my least favorite on the list. But hey.. if you like it, I love it.

 The Bold and The Beautiful

Nine West Filing $89.00

Nine West Harriets $129.00
The bold heel is really cute! My first thought, "this trend is great for the office or church." It's a great way to add some fun to a conservative look.

Puurr-fect Heels 

Dolce Vita SEVILLA $159.00

Dolce Vita Elka $169.00
Kitten heels are making a comeback this year. These are not your grandmother's heels. The once "frowned upon" heel is now chic, sophisticated, and updated. Whether it's the classic stiletto or the chunky square heel, you will be seeing a lot of this style.

 That's 70s Shoe

Steve Madden Shocker $129.95

Dany Cream High Heels
Jessica Simpson Dany Cream High Heels $98.00
70s fashion is back with an updated and modern twist. The chunky heel gives you the height without the hurt. They are also very sturdy so you don't have to worry about tittering and tottering on those skinny heels.

On Point

Jeffery Campbell 'Don't Even' Pump $169.95

Nine West Sally $99.00
This classic design is here to stay. Pointy toe heels are one word, SEXY! But they are not for the faint of hearts. You know what they say, "beauty is pain" and that statement holds true when describing the comfort level of these shoes. The avid heel addict would admit that a pointy toe, high heel is a "valet shoe" (meant to be seen while sitting.. not standing or walking lol) I would suggest sizing up for extra room in the toe box.

Think like a Man

Steve Madden Caril $129.95

Menswear have made it to women's footwear. This is a super cute style that can be dressed up or dressed down. The styling possibilities are endless! 


The Translucent

The trasluant trend has come a long way from the "jellybeans" we used to wear. This is definatly a high fashion trend that has been all over the runway. Trendy divas, this one's for you.                                   

Architectural Touch

Jeffrey Campbell 'Hare 2 Mod' Platform Sandal
Jeffrey Campbell 'Hare 2 Mod' Platform Sandal $92.47 (on sale)

This style of shoe is like artwork for your feet. Stand out and be bold.

There you have it! What do you guys think? What are your favorite of the choices listed? Share your thoughts and comments below.



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