Dec 17, 2012

Girl on the Town

Hey beautiful people! It has been a minute since I've done an outfit post. Truth is, since the weather has changed I have reverted back into an introvert. I rarely go anywhere so I don't feel the need to get dressed. To be honest, I'm a complete bum in my day to day life so If you see me on the streets, don't be alarmed. One of the reasons I've started blogging was to obligate myself to put effort into my appearance. I used to dress all time and I did my make up everyday but after becoming a mom, it kind of went down hill from there. But any who, I'm rambling.. lets get to this OOTN!

Over the weekend my boyfriend celebrated his birthday with myself, family, and friends on the Boomerang Nightlife Party Bus Tour of DC. The party bus allowed spirits on board and drove us to 4 different clubs throughout downtown DC. We had to be at the general meeting spot (to board the bus) by 9pm. Which was too early for me, not allowing me enough time to get off of work and be dressed and ready. Because I was rushing, I was unable to take "proper blog photos" so I decided to share my fave photos from the night.

Because I wasn't driving, the pregaming (drinking lol) started while I was at home getting dressed. By time I boarded the bus and arrived at the first club, I was completely inebriated. The only reason I decided to engage in such activity was because I don't do clubs and had no clue what to expect. I didn't want to be sober for what I thought would be "boring night" lol. This would be my first time on a party bus and being as though we were downtown, I assumed the clubs that we visited would be dry. Excuse my "hoodness" but I like ratchet clubs and trap music. To my surprise the clubs were actually fun. And the bus was crazy!! We had a ball!! One of the funnest nights of my adult life.

I decided to rock my midi dress from ASOS Curves. The midi body con is by far on of my favorite silhouettes. It's so comfy and easy to wear. I initially bought a pair of studded and rhinestone pumps to go with this dress (if you follow me on Instagram, then you know which shoes I'm referring too). But after leaving work and discovering my swollen ankles (I'm a stylist.. standing all day) I opted booties to cover the debacle that was my cankles. I added pops of blue with my earrings and necklace. I finished my look with a leopard print clutch which also happens be my flat shoes, to serves as relieve from those killer heels. If you are a stiletto girl like me, CitySlips are a life saver!! Practical and stylist at the same damn time. I've tried a new do and I'm feeling myself after a 15 pound weight loss. The hair is going to take some getting used to but all in all, I like this look.

Dress: ASOS CURVE/ Shoes: N.Y.L.A (old faves)/Jacket & Necklace: Ashley Stewart/Earrings: Local Beauty Supply/Clutch/(flats) CitySlips


My boyfriend and I playing around. Can't keep a straight face for 2 sec to take the pic.

Take two!

My cousin's serving unitard realness!!

Our friends booed up in the corner lol.

Friends who came out with us.

Leaving the last club.. being held up by my little bro.. as you can see, those heels are gone!! lol


  1. I LOVE this dress on you!! OMG I love trap music too kmsllll!!!!! You look like u had a blast!!!!!

  2. Love this... That bus looks like fun... I'm glad I'm not the only blogger That doesn't get dressed up on a daily basis... lol... love the whole look...


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