Dec 8, 2012

Frugalnista Finds: Old Years Night

Hey ladies! I'm coming through with another instalment of Frugalnista Finds. With New Years Eve fastly approaching, we are on the hunt for the perfect dress to adorn our curves. While NYE is one of the most glamorous days of the year, it is only one day/night. It just doesn't make sense to me to spend so much money just to "look nice" and hang out for one night. "Everybody knows" *Phaedra voice* that a NYE outing is very expensive.. just because. Whether you're going to dinner, the go-go, or a ball, you can expect to come out of the pocket a little (or a lot) more than usual.

Several ladies have asked "where could they score a nice dress for a great price?". So I did some homework and this is what I've come up with. I hope you guys approve! Here is a list of fabulous and sexy NYE dresses for under $40. This was kind of hard for me but I was up for the challenge. I did sneak one dress in came in $9 over budget but it was too cute to pass up. (I might just buy it myself.)
In my opinion, the key to dressing for a special occasion is not to be the most glamorous in the room, but to be the most noticed in the room. You definitely want to stand out and be the center of attention. These dresses are fab by themselves but once embellished with the right shoe and great accessories, mixed with awesome curves, HONEY CHILE, BOO, BAY-BE... They won't know what to do! Or in my word, "they will be sick hunny!" lol.

Web Exclusive: One-Shoulder Embellished Dress $39.99

Sparkling Paillettes Dress $34.80

Love Squared Plus Size Dress Now $29.99

ASOS CURVE Peplum Dress With Sequins NOW $48.37

Eyelash Lace Scoop Dress $24.80
Sequined Abstract Dress $29.80
What do you guys think of these dresses? Do you all have plans for NYE? Do share! If you know of any upscale events in the DMV, please let me know! You might just see me in the building. Leave your thoughts in the comment box below.


  1. love your picks!!! I think this year I won't be doing a NYE dress or anything with sequins since that's my norm...I'm looking for an upscale event in my city as well.

  2. I got the navy blue sequined Asos dress for NYE--it looks so good on! And I will be going to the NYE party at the Embassy Suites in Downtown DC. Me and my girls went last year, and we had a ball. Tickets and info are here:


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