Nov 20, 2012

Stiletto Spotlight: Jeremy FreedomWriter Johnson

Hello Divas! Usually the Stiletto Spotlight goes to a curvy diva (or blogger) who inspires me whether it's fashion, confidence or beauty. But today I'm doing something a little different.

Usually this is a "no boys allowed" zone lol but when this person hit me up, I knew I had to feature him. I have seen him do his thing and his poetry and spoken word is all the way on point! He is reppin that good 'ol DMV, North East DC to be exact and he has decided to adorn our blog with not one, but three poems. So for your reading, viewing and listing pleasures, meet Jeremy FreedomWriter Johnson.


Beauty Within

When she looks in the mirror her reflection doesn't match the pages of the magazines. They never
considered her pretty because she wore plus jeans. She spent most of her child hood just trying to fit
in. A few occasions she was caught wearing clothes she shouldn't have been in. People always want
to judge but they never passed the bar. Its probably the reason they'll never get far. Her parents
would always tell her she was beautiful. Those words were crucial to a young impressionable mind.
She use to sit in the back of the class just trying to blend in. But why blend in when your suppose to
stand out? When you walk in the room your supposed to be what the people are talking about.
Through the tears and MAC that dripped down her face, she was able to see the beauty that lied
within. Other peoples opinions use to matter but now they don't hold weight like a bad bladder. The
confidence she use to lack took Jay z's advice and faded to black. She can tell you all about lashes
and stilettos. When she walks her feet are greeted by rose peddles. The same girl they use to whisper
about? Is the same girl everybody is blogging about. Her road to success might have taken a while.
But when she looks in he mirror she's able to smile.

She hate me 

I told her not to fall in love but she did the opposite. In a text she told me I need to be more
cooperative. I told her I wasn’t looking for love but she didn’t understand. I told her I could never
become her dream man. Since the first one played me, I’ve developed major trust issues. I usually
leave them teary eyed and blowing their nose into tissues. We always start off as friends but when sex
 gets involved our relationship evolves. She started to catch feelings when she shouldn’t have. She
should have dropped it like a redskin receiver drops the ball in the second half. From my basketball
days I learned that penetration kills the zone. She adored the different ways that I could make her
moan. I gave her three doses of vitamin D like her doctor prescribed it. When she was talking to her
friend she ran out of words trying to describe it. I told her not to fall in love but she didn’t hear me.
Good sex usually prevents the mind from thinking clearly. She said what I told her when we were
down didn’t match what I told her when we were standing vertical. Her feelings took a big leap like
Blake Griffin’s vertical. Now when her phone rings she doesn’t want to pick up. She sees the text and
doesn’t respond back. I'll be blamed for breaking another heart. It’s like I keep grabbing them by the
seams and tearing them completely apart. The damage I cause can’t be fixed by granny’s thread and
needle. But I warned her. I told her not to fall in love with me. I knew the ending out come would be
her hating me

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*Snap! Snap! Snap!* I love it! I hope you guys enjoyed as well.
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