Nov 13, 2012

Don't Sleep

Hello beautiful people! Happy Tuesday. If you follow me on Facebook then you may have read a status that I posted where I've shared my opinion on the notion that in order to be a fat fly girl, you should avoid typical plus stores like Lane Bryant, Avenue etc. It is to be perceived that plus size stores only carry shapeless, muted, old fashion clothes and the women who shops there don't look for fashion, just something to wear. While I believe that no plus size retailer really gets it, I know that if you have an eye for fashion, you can make anything work. I say they don't get it because stores either sale young/trendy clothes and club wear (while, I'm still young, that's just not my style) or over sized professional and casual clothes. I mean, if anyone "gets it" (at least in my opinion) it would be ASOS Curve. I feel like Ashley Stewart is finally starting to see the light, but is still not quite there yet. As for all others, I'm praying for them to follow suit.

Now a days, we shop for everything online, especially clothes. The downfall of most plus stores is their website. Most of times the site doesn't make us want to shop or the styling of the clothes is all wrong. Presentation is key but when there is a lack there of, it's hard to see the potential of fabulosity that lies within the mundane execution of the ads at be. I don't even look at the websites because I don't want to become deterred for the potential flyness that I would possibly overlook. I almost, always go in store and look around. I always find some badd ass pieces that receive several compliments from other women. When I tell them where I scored my outfit, they look at me with such disbelief.  

I may be a selective shopper when it comes to plus stores but I will never rule them out. I encourage all plus size ladies to embrace mainstream plus store and be open minded about the selections. You'll never know what you might find. Don't sleep on the fat girl stores ladies!!

Entire outfit is from Ashley Stewart/Shoes and belt are from Torrid


  1. I agree with you on the store selections. You can find great pieces almost anywhere now, its pretty much up to your sense of style or you just want something to wear.

    LOVE this look!!!! Never would have thought it came from Ashley Stewart.


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