Oct 22, 2012

Celebrity Fashion Muse: Kris Jenner

Happy Monday! I'm just dropping in with an OOTD from yesterday. Here in the DMV the weather has been awesome. It was around 65 degrees and sunny. This is my fave kind of weather. Not too warm, not too cool. I can wear my beloved layers and feel or look too hot.

I put this outfit together in a clutch. As usual, I was running late for church and had NOTHING to wear. I was feeling fat so I didn't want to wear anything that would be clinging to my mid section. (Which is 95% of my wardrobe). Sticking with my black and white obsession, I decided to remix the top that I wore in my Eerie Poshness post. I paired it with black leggings and layered it over a crisp white collared shirt. I cuffed the sleeves to give the outfit more of a loungy feel. I finished my look with a black tuxedo vest (I wasn't sure if I wanted to wear the vest open or closed), silver accessories, and pointy toe pumps. I wasn't going for "Kris Jenner" on purpose but after  seeing my completly dressed, my first thought was, "I have on too many clothes" and my second though was, "I look like the black, fat version of Kris Jenner). I love her style so I just went with it. In true (Jenner) Kardashian fashion, I decided to mimic their famous beat which consist of a heavy lined eye, rosy bronzed cheeks, and a soft pink lip.


Collared shirt, pleated shirt, leggings, jewelry and clutch: Ashely Stewart/Vest: Target/ Shoes: (a steal at $9.99) Burlington


What do you think? Did I channel Kris Jenner? Leave your thoughts and comments below.
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  1. Love this look Boo!!!! Black and white is always an awesome color combo!!!


  2. I really admire your blog so I nominated you for the Liebster Award.I attached the link below.



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