Sep 2, 2012

Never Mint to be Trendy

Whenever I go shopping I always avoid trends. I don't know why I do this, I despise them and secretly love them at the same damn time. I love trends because it's what's hot in fashion and there is always something new and fresh popping up on the scene. I hate them because they rarely translate from season to season, year to year and everyone seems to be wearing the same thing. I hate feeling like I'm looking like everyone else. I tend to stray away from whats popular and go for the unlikely choice. I just like to be different. I like to stand out. My love for eclecticity out weighs my love for trends. Having stated that, I'm completely about to contradict everything I just said lol.
Over the weekend I celebrated my 26th birthday. I didn't do much, just had dinner with my friends and went clubbing. I asked my girls to dress up for our dinner date, in classy/sexy outfits as I would do the same. I describe the look as "church lady chic".
While browsing  my favorite site ASOS I came across the Mint Peplum pencil skirt. I thought It was really cute but I have seen SO many people wearing this skirt (I'm sure you have too) and not to mention, wearing peplum. While, I like this trend on others, I didn't really care for on me. With the pastel and peplum being really hot this season, I wanted to stay far far away. But after having a conversation with myself I realized it's not that serious! lol. It's just a damn skirt and the fact that it was a gift and on sale, made it all the more alluring. Why would I turn it down? I'm not gonna lie, I do feel "some kind of way" about possibly being the last person to blog about this skirt but whatever, Who cares?
I paired the skirt with a cropped floral cardigan from Torrid (last season) and Jessica Simpson sandals. I kept the jewelry simple with a pearl necklace and a thick bangle. My bff told me that I looked like a "Southern Bell" or a GCB lol. That's the look I was going for.
cardigan Torrid/ skirt ASOS Curve/ Shoes Jessica Simpson
Everything that I'm wearing is either last season or was a clearance item.



  1. Deinitely not the first time I've seen this skirt but most definitely the BEST way I've seen it worn. I hate looking the same as everyone else but I think peplum is definitely here to stay and it is a classic. The fact that it's on trend makes it easier to find in my size!!! lolllll

    1. Thank you! that means a lot coming from you! I love your blog as well, I was just getting around to adding you to my blogroll. I like peplum Im just not sure how I want to wear it yet. Thanks for the comment Diva!

  2. I saw your picture on style4curves facebook page and I love what you did with that skirt! I own the same skirt but its too big so i got to get it cut down :(.

  3. Thank you Kelly. My skirt is a little big especialy after I've worn it for the whole night but its cool. I can work with it.


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