Sep 25, 2012

Curves Ahead

Curves Ahead is a new installment on L&S that introduces my fave curvy models. Some are well know and some are up and coming but make no mistake, they're all fabulous.
My first feature is non other than Denise Bidot. When I say I love this girl, I LOVE THIS GIRL! (way before the TV show Curvy Girls lol) Those who know me know that I am a complete groupie. I fell in love with Denise about 3-4 yrs ago when I started to notice that she was the model for all of my favorite plus size brands. She is gorge and her body is on 100!! I think I fell in love with her because at the time, she was the ONLY "pear shaped" curvy model doing commercial work. This was important to me because I'm pear shaped. It wasn't enough to see plus sized models in the clothes I liked. I wanted to see someone who was shaped as I was. We are all curvy but we all have different shapes as well.

About Denise

Denise Bidot is a Plus Model from Miami, Fl now living in New York City. Denise is half Puerto Rican and half Kuwaiti making her a very ethnically ambiguous look. Growing up an only child gave Denise the opportunity to expand her creativity and try many different outlets of expression. As a kid and a teen, Denise was active in Karate, Ice Skating, Ballet and Piano. She tried singing, painting, and acting all allowing her the ability to find what she enjoyed doing best. While taking acting classes Denise felt at home. "I've always been a huge fan of films", says Denise. Denise stayed active in theater and acting throughout high-school, and upon graduating, decided to move to Los Angeles to further pursue her dreams.
At the ripe age of 18, Denise packed her bags, bought a ticket, and moved across the country. With only a few friends in California, Denise set out to find herself, and possible new beginnings. While in LA Denise realized how difficult it was to get into the film industry. Having made friends with several "celebrities" showed Denise that everything that glitters isn't gold and soon the illusion of stardom weren’t quite in the forefront of her goals... read the entire bio here.


  1. I am new to your blog and your latest follower! Love the content, you rock those heels, girl ;)


    1. Thanks for the love Martie! Thanks for reading xoxo


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