Aug 27, 2012

It Figures: My first time visit to Fashion to Figure

By now many of you have heard of the new plus size brand, Fashion to Figure. I've always seen/heard bloggers and others reference the brand. I have been stalking the website for a long time now trying to figure out if I want to order or if I even like the style of the clothing. Did you know that Fashion to Figure is a Lane Bryant company?  Surprised? I know I was when I found out. Lane Bryant is so "blah" and FTF is very trend and fashion forward. They claim to offer sizes 12-26, I'm not sure if this is true but we'll talk.
Even though I have been looking at FTF online, there is a store in my area located in PG Plaza Mall. I've just been too lazy to drive that far out ( it's not really that far I just hate driving more than 10 miles away from home). On the day of my birthday, I decided to check the store out." When I walked inside, I was pleasantly surprised. The website does not do the retail store any justice. I was expecting to see a setup like Rainbow or Forever 21 where things are dishevelled and the racks are so close together that you can barely walk through. To my surprise, the store reminder me of Torrid and had a feel of  H&M or Bebe. They had the music going, awesome customer service and the ladies who worked there were dressed to the nines. I could tell that they all had their own personal style and could really dress a customer who needed/wanted assistance.
I started looking for the familiar pieces that I have been admiring online. Everything that I was looking for was in stock and in multiple colors. I started to get happy... until I went over and actually touched the clothes. I realized that almost everything was made of cheap flimsy fabric or polyester. I may have not have been so disturbed had the average price for a garment not been $40. I'm definitely not a cheap person but I would like to feel like I'm getting my moneys worth. Now, had these clothes been priced like appropriately, I would have been all smiles. As I continued looking, some things caught my eye but I noticed that the clothes were cut small. FTF ONLY offers junior plus/misses plus size. Normally I would choose a 2X but I ended up grabbing a 3X in everything that I liked in hopes that they would fit because these clothes look EXTRA small.
Typical me, I grabbed all dresses and headed to the dressing room. The rooms were spacious and clean and the dressing room attendant was really cute. She asked for my name (they write the name of the customer on the dressing room doors) and when I told her, "Brandie" she told me she wanted to write "I wanna be down" in addition to my name. She also looked through the dresses I'd picked and asked to see me in some of  her faves. I tried on everything and I was right, their clothes run really small. A larger girl like me who's blessed with hips and butt might have a hard time finding things that fit. I am a size 18w/2/2X/XXL and this dress (on right) is a 3X. Granted, its only one size up from my size, but this dress is so tight and little, it barely covered my ass. You can see all of my rolls even with that deceptive overhead lighting (that's so conveniently placed in ALL plus size dressing rooms to give the allusion of a smoother silhouette.) My point is, there is no way they carry up to a size 26 and the quality of clothing is mediocre at best. I feel that when it comes to plus size clothing, construction is key. If this dress was lined, I think it would have fit a lot better. But then again, I cant blame the dress for my shortcomings.
All in all, I had a good shopping experience. I almost never shop "in store" but I'm glad I came in to get a feel for this brand. I wish the clothes were true to size and the prices reflected the quality. I would buy from FTF again (I would just be very selective and I probably would never order online). 
I walked out with two dresses (one here) and the other was exclusive to the store, so I was told. Even though I absolutely adore these dressed I'm starting to have second thoughts about them now that I've tried them on at home (damn overhead dressing room lighting done tricked me again) so I might be taking them back. I will keep you guys posted.
My take aways :
  1. If you are ordering online, use the sizing chart as a reference. This clothes run small.
  2. If you are in store, try on everything before buying. Everything is so cute, you would hate to get all the way home and nothing fits.
  3. If you are not a trendy person (in the literal since) this is not the store for you. I didn't see many "classic" styles. I have seen every 2012 Spring/Summer trend and most of the styles are club wear.
  4. Beware of the dreaded "B%#tch Stole my Look". Because FTF is newly popular you can bet your bottom dollar that another curvy diva is gunna be rockin' your look in the club.
  5. Shapewear, Shapewear, Shapewear. Need I say more?
Let me know if you guys shop at FTF. If so, what were your experiences like? If you ordered online, were you happy with your purchase? Leave your thoughts in the comment box below.


  1. I had been wondering about them! Great post. Think I'll skip right on over that one!

  2. I totally agree with you with the sizing i ordered a dress from them last year it was a 3x and fit like 1x, needless to say i was dissapointed and just gave the dress the my little cousin! o_o

  3. Yea, I really WANT to like FTF but at my size I cant fully appreciate the store. The two dressed that I did buy, Im gunna take them back.


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