Jun 12, 2012

Pretty In Pink

When I'm in Pink I feel so girly (dainty). I get a little switch in my step and a bend in my wrist (like I'm shooting jump shots lol). My hair gets longer and my lips get pinker. I always feel sexy and confident when I'm extra feminine. I chose to wear this outfit because it was my first night out since having my youngest son and I wanted to show off.. and prove to myself that I still got it (even with an extra 40lbs on me). I want my readers to know that whether you've been a thick misses all of your life, or you've gained a little weight you can be sexy at any size.

I wore this outfit while clubbing with my boyfriend and fam. The entire outfit is from Ashley Stewart.  I've always shopped at Ashley Stewart but I must admit, they were becoming a little too "churchy" for my liking. It wasn't until recently that I've decided to give Ashley's a second chance. I was/am pleasantly surprised with the Spring/Summer 2012 collection!  When I saw this skirt I feel in love! It's has a "classic fit" but because I'm very blessed in the hip department, I decided to wear it as a high waisted mini (as if I had a choice). The skirt comes white with black stripes and red with navy blue stripes (here).

The top is a hot pink cami available here. It comes in all of the hot Summer colors. I finished the look with a white vest (just because I'm a sucker for layering) and chunky accessories. The shoes are Jessica Simpson available here.
cami, vest, skirt, jewelry, and bag Ashley Stewart/ Shoes are Jessica Simpson


  1. Oh...B! I love the trendy look, a girl can never go wrong white outspoken colors to complaint a pair of Jessie's. Superb **


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