Jun 19, 2012

A closet full of something to wear... hopefully

The first part to resolving any issue is admitting that one exist. Well, I'm a real woman and I take full responsibility for my actions so here goes, "Hi, my name is Brandie and I'm a shopaholic!" Whew! Now that wasn't so bad.... Now here comes the bad (or good) part. After much thought, I've decided to do a 30 day financial fast *cringing*. This will be hard but it is so necessary. I will refrain from buying clothes, bags, hair, shoes or food (no eating out) for one complete month (right after I place this ASOS and Torrid order). Pray for me y'all!

I have some new duds that I can't wait to share with you (because a true shopaholic aways have clothes in her closet with the tags still attached). But for the most part, I'm going to take this time to rediscover my endless closet, from the garments to the shoes. I don't even know what to expect. This should be interesting.

Here is an "outfit appetizer" to hold you guys over until I scour my rack and fine some new looks in a closet full of old things. I wore this to my son's 2nd birthday party at Chuck E Cheese's. (My baby's growing up *sad face*). This is what I would call semi casual aka "something slight". The pants and the crop denim jacket are from Ashley Stewart. The lace cami is from Target and shoes are from Payless.

PS, Sorry about the crappy photos, Someone didn't want to take my pictures. I had to take to what I could get lol.

I would love some feedback from you all! Please leave comments, ask questions and be sure to follow my blog. Thanks In advance! XOXO

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